About Us

What’s up guys, my name is Alejandro Cortez. I'm 23 years old and hail from Mission, Tx. I was raised by a single mother who made the impossible possible. My upbringing wasn't all sunshine's and rainbows, as some close to me may see it to be. I come from a family of immigrants who just wanted a shot at the American dream and achieved it. 

My grandfather taught me that with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything in life, and I believe it. Coming from a man who ate banana peels on his trek up here to the U.S and ended up raising a family of 4. Who would've thought he would ever be able to accomplish that? Being raised by my mother and grandparents made me see the world from a different perspective and made me appreciate the little things in life. Especially my mother who while going to school and working to keep a roof over my head, still managed to raise me. 

Now here I am in Austin, achieving the impossible. My ups and downs were all in this city. As my mother, independently, I am raising my child while going to school and working to make sure my child has what my mother was able to provide for me when she was in my position. Making the impossible possible. 

Our story isn't unique; it's about all of us coming from our hardships and turning them into motivation to achieve the impossible. This brand is about rebirth, fueling up that childhood dream, and making the impossible possible. Turning that dream into reality, your dream to reality. Independently. Our dreams are undead.

Much love,